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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A successful night out!

Last night was Eva's first night out. I took her to the house of my dear friends, along with one of my other dogs. I thought Eva would be nervous and scared, but I was wrong. She did great! She greated their chocolate lab, explored the house, went potty outside, then lay down for a nap. I wouldn't say she eagerly approached my friends, but she didn't run from them either. She allowed them to pet her, which set off just a few trembles. I was really impressed. She is growing into a confident little girl!

Here she is outside in the snow. It's been really cold, so outside time is limited. She, like the rest of us, will be happier when it warms up!

Monday, January 4, 2010


One thing common to puppy mill dogs is their difficulty with stairs. Having spent their entire lives in cages, they haven't had the opportunity to learn such a basic skill. Once they are free of the mill and living in a home with stairs, some of them learn quite quickly how to go up and down, while others need work.

Eva needs work. She can go up 5 steps from the fenced yard into the house - I think cold, snowy weather is what motivates her to do this. However, she won't go down at all - although I can't blame her. It's freezing out there!!

So we are going to work on stairs...placing her on the bottom step and practicing getting off that one, repeat until comfortable, then place her on the step above, etc. Fortunately, we can do this inside! Of course, there is a possibility she may never do stairs comfortably. Good thing she's little and can be easily carried!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Day 4 with Eva, who is an absolute delight. One of the hurdles: fear of going into the fenced yard without me. She is pretty attached to one of my other Chin who always goes with her, but even so, she doesn't want to go outside to potty without me. One problem is having to go down 5 stairs. Even though she can climb up them, she still can't go down. Another problem is she hates to be picked up - her body stiffens, she arches her back and thrashes a bit. Once we get out the door, down the steps and into the yard, she is fine. She goes potty and wags her tail. She is always happiest when we all come back inside.
I look forward to the day when she can go outside to do her business with the other dogs, while I watch from inside, where it's warm!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A good day

Well, turns out the pup didn't much care for "Blossom," but she thinks "Eva" is a pretty name. We are trying it out.

Today was a fabulous day. Eva achieved a few new things, the most notable of which was a walk on the leash! I was very pleasantly surprised. She was so resistant, then all of a sudden just started following the other dogs. Good girl!! She also managed the 5 snow-covered stairs from the fenced yard to the house. And, she stayed alone in the kitchen (with the other dogs and cats) for an hour or so while I went out.

What I've learned about her: she LOVES to eat!
She just came over to me for a little petting and tail wagging - still shaking but perhaps a little less so. She is a little love.
Happy New Year to you all! May you and your furry four-legged friends be safe and happy in the year to come, and may all the homeless animals find loving homes!!

Day 2 with my foster

The first night went well - the new pup slept all night long on the dog bed with a few other dogs. It's always nice not to have to get up in the middle of the night to do potty duty!

I may have a name: Blossom. I will use it today to see how it feels and how she likes it.

A little more about her: she is 5 years old and was in a large commercial breeding facility for most of her young life. Since obtaining her freedom she has been in a "halfway house" where she got spayed, vetted and properly cared for. From there she went into her first foster home where she learned what it was like to live in a loving home with other dogs, cats, children and adults. Now that she is with me, we will work on fine-tuning the skills she began learning in her previous foster home, such as socialization, leash walking, using stairs, riding in the car - things that will help her be a well-adjusted dog. The ultimate goal: find her a home where she will be loved, adored and pampered for the rest of her life.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My new foster

Today I got a new foster dog. Her name currently is "Be Mine" but we are going to change it. We just haven't picked out a new name yet.

This is the 3rd dog I've fostered for Luvachin Rescue. My previous foster dogs were adopted by wonderful, loving families. It was a very rewarding feeling. I have the same hopes for this one.

Every foster is different. My first foster was young, confident and inquisitive. Since she had been in the commercial breeding world for 2 or so years, she wasn't as damaged as some. My 2nd foster was much more shy and tentative about the world; she was 5 and had been in a commercial breeding facility for a longer period of time.

This foster girl is even more shy than my previous pup. She wags her tail and wants to be loved, but she shakes like a leaf when she is pet. Holding her isn't even an option at this point - she is too afraid. We have spent the day together in the kitchen, with my other 2 Chin, 2 or 3 cats and 2 labs. She does great with the dogs and cats; it's people of whom she is most afraid. I look forward to helping her develop into a secure, happy dog.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2009 Luv-A-Chin Calendars are Here!

Do you ever get tired of looking at the complimentary calendar from the gas man that hangs on your fridge all year? Sure, it's nice of them to think of you and all but who wants to spend the whole year being reminded that we live someplace where we have to heat our houses from October through May? Do they really think that their little gift makes up for the fact that you ran out of propane in the middle of February and had to take an ice cold shower?

Well, good news Chin fans! The Official 2009 Luv-A-Chin Calendar is now available!

This amazing calendar features dozens of full color pictures of our very own Luv-A-Chin pups in various adorable poses. All proceeds from these must have calendars go to help support Luv-A-Chin in our efforts to rescue and provide veterinary care for Chin in need. Rumor has it, there may even be a "Where's Waldo" type picture of our very own head FOC hidden somewhere in the calendar!

Buy one for yourself, buy one for all your family members and friends! These calendars make a great stocking stuffer for anyone that loves adorable little Chinsters. Anyone that doesn't love adorable little Chinsters is probably getting coal in their stocking anyway so I wouldn't worry about them. It's a proven fact that SANTA LOVES CHIN!
Until next time,
Your Friendly Luv-A-Chin Blogmaster